A Simple Process for Protecting Your Paint

A big concern when you use your daily driver for autocross or other high performance driving is potential paint damage. No matter how much we care for our cars or how extraordinary our driving skills, we will inevitably chip or scratch the paint from road grit or other substances (cone rubber?).

One way to protect your paint from damage is through the application of Paint Protection Film. Many vehicles are now sold new with the option of applying a clear film “bra” to the front to protect the hood from scratches caused by road debris. But if you actively participate in the sport of driving, your hood is not the only area of your car that needs protection.

Thankfully, PPF has been available to the consumer for a number of years, and you can find a multitude of videos online that show you how to apply it. Although you may not get the same quality as a professional application, you will provide a layer of protection against all of the hazards waiting to attack your paint.

The biggest advantage of a “do it yourself” application is the low cost of reapplying it every year, if necessary. Any damage done to the film is a minor expense compared to the cost of respraying damaged paint.

In the next few weeks, we will be applying PPF to our 2008 Porsche Boxster as we prepare for the 2017 autocross season. Stay tuned for an overview of the procedure, along with before and after pictures.

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